Monday, October 17, 2011


It's another secret of mine.
It's a secret that I can't tell until the day I'm away from this place.
I'm scared; I'm regretting; I'm guilty.
And I don't wish to be punished.
How greedy am I?

The only one that I can tell to, is always God.
He can always listen to my secret and give me advises.
I appreciate that He will be with me, every time.
I wish I could calm down but I can't.
Probably I'm still being punished by God about what I've done.
It's a lie that can never tell.

I apologize.
I want to be forgiven.
I want to be safe.
I want to get this over.

Could I?
I don't know.
Even I got the guarantee from the person I should have.
But I really have no idea.

I miss a friend a lot at that moment but this friend is not the one can help me.
I just need some voices.
And this friend is the only one who jumped into my mind, second after God.

At last, I still speak to God only.
He will always listen to me after all.
I pray.
But I feel the scariness, still.
I guess I made a big sin.

Please forgive me.

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